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Welcome to the website of WiN Hungary!

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What is this?

  • It is an open association of women working in the nuclear industry or with ionizing radiation.
  • It operates as a section of the Hungarian Nuclear Society since 1994.
  • It is the Hungarian section of WiN Global.

Why is it needed?

  • It is a unique way of public communication regarding nuclear energy.
  • It helps promoting the Hungarian nuclear sector.
  • Operates as part of an active international organization.

What do we do?

  • We try to establish dialogue, especially with women.
  • We try to show a real and down-to-earth picture of nuclear energy and its effects on the environment.
  • We try to help build up trust towards nuclear energy.
  • We try to work together with organizations of similar interests and aims.




International association of women in the nuclear field

What is this?

  • An international organization of women working all over the nuclear field: engineers, scientists, doctors, sociologists, etc.
  • Founded in 1993 on the initiative of Swiss and Swedish women.
  • It has about 2000 members from 68 countries. Why is it needed?
  • Humanity uses nuclear energy but very few people understand it.
  • The communication between the nuclear industry and the public must be strengthened.
  • To enhance the trust in the use of nuclear energy.

What does it do?

  • Provides information about nuclear energy.
  • Helps start local WiN organizations in several countries.
  • Helps exchange ideas, experiences between the member countries.

Our Message:

  • Radiation has been part of life since the beginning.
  • The nuclear industry protects the environment in its every endeavor.
  • Nuclear energy has to play a vital role in fulfilling the energy demand of the future.
  • Nuclear energy has its risks but the operators take their responsibility seriously and apply the strictest safety policy.
  • The aim of the international nuclear cooperation is to enhance safety by sharing best practices and through open communication.
  • Safety is not just a technical, but an emotional issue as well. The human factor is an important component of safety because people need to feel safe.

If you wish to:

  • Receive more information about the activities of WiN Hungary or WiN Global
  • Send suggestions about activities promoting nuclear energy
  • Work together in creating a new way of communication regarding nuclear energy

Contact us!

WiN Hungary

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